Ben Vidgen ought to be a familiar name to veteran activists and to regular viewers of Uncensored. Non-partisan, a relentless researcher and an all-round good bloke. And we need all of those right now. One other thing that describes Ben is “controversial” and being controversial comes at a cost, especially […]

Hitler is the “go-to” name among many historical commentators for political and ideological evil, and mainstream media has been quick to compare Russian president Putin, But rarely do we actually get to hear what the two figures have to say as a yardstick for actual comparison. Now is your opportunity…and […]

I just sent Baker an invite. Here’s what I wrote… STEVE KIRSCH MAY 28, 2024 The email I just sent to Professor Baker Hi Professor Baker, My name is Steve Kirsch. I am one of the world’s top misinformation superspreaders on the COVID vaccines. I have personally written over 1,500 […]

On May 22, Ukrainian drones [but were they? See Hal Turner’s report below, MH] targeted and destroyed a Russian missile early warning radar system, Voronezh-DM, near the village of Glubokiy in the Krasnodar region. According to the Militarnyi’s report, images circulating online show the aftermath, with two damaged buildings on the grounds […]