Bombshell as Pfizer continues the ass-covering. Dr. Campbell, gone from vax promoter to awakened skeptic, unravelling the data and presenting the facts, in the aftermath of the Project Veritas exposé, and this presentation is damning for Pfizer and for ALL who promoted this mRNA injection. Be sure to share widely! […]

In the wake of the recent “viral” Project Veritas bombshell relating to deliberate virus mutation, Pfizer has issued a response. We scrutinize it, and we include John Campbell’s “terrified” analysis, with a nice ending quotation! Martin Harris 29/1/23 Below is Pfizer’s release, please note the portion of text that I […]

Finally, an honest Pfizer executive admits to Project Veritas what the game plan is Pfizer exec admits they are engineering viruses so they can have the vaccine ready when their virus becomes the dominant strain. Pfizer makes a lot of money and America loses. Steve Kirsch Watch the entire video. […]

As the CDC quietly announces it’s investigating whether the Pfizer COVID vaccine increases risk of strokes, excess deaths levels in the UK are at their largest outside the pandemic in 50 years. So what’s going on, and what happens when you discuss it on the mainstream media? #CDC#health#covid#vaccines 592,504 views […]

…after “Journalists” choose to LIE believing nobody would “mark their Homework” The people of the UK should now be in a state of shock. But instead, they have been distracted by non-stop coverage of Prince Harry’s new book, so will have most likely missed the tragic and devastating information […]

Science ought to be the pursuit of facts. These days it’s become the pursuit of funding. Big corporations profit from the resultant misdirection while getting away with health and environmental crimes. Editorial Opinion by Martin Harris 8/1/23 Your government relies on you having a short memory. A few years BC […]