Could this report be true? Read the article and documentation: It’s credible! Martin’s Note: When I first read this report, I did a double-take, the backtracked and re-read it several times. Please use discernment and note use of personal opinions and speculation (however credible) by the author. And remember “if […]

Can 5G implementation be stopped? You have the power to fight! This Email was sent out by Arthur Firstenberg and received via theConTrail and Source Point Experience: With your help, stopping 5G is possible. Information about signing the Appeal is provided at the end of this email. The rollout […]

CHINA’S chilling dictatorship is moving quickly to introduce social scorecards, in which all citizens will be monitored 24/7 and ranked on their behaviour. dumbbell33 Published on Sep 18, 2018 COMING,.. TO A DYSTOPIA NEAR YOU….If you let it…………… The Communist Party’s plan is for every one of its […]

It appears this guy has been watched and targeted by the Brits for some time: Mainly because of his exposure of the use of DU/Nuke weapons in Iraq by coalition forces, which has poisoned the environment for decades to come and resulted in horrific birth defects. The story appeared in […]

Trump Says Reports on China Hacking Clinton’s Classified Emails ‘Very Big Story’ The Daily Caller has reported citing a former intelligence official and a government staff official, both of whom were briefed on findings of the Intelligence Community Inspector General, that Chinese-owned company in the Washington, DC area was able […]

  Pope Francis’s visit to Ireland will be contrasted with both rapturous crowds and hordes of angry protestors, as The Herald reports: Pope Francis was greeted by rapturous crowds as he toured the streets of Dublin yesterday at the start of his historic visit to Ireland – only the second […]

In a hideous reflection of China’s already-prevalent ‘Social Credit’ system – which is a rating assigned to each citizen based on government data regarding their economic and social status – The Washington Post reports that Facebook has begun to assign its users a reputation score, predicting their trustworthiness on a […]

The Catholic Church, politicians, TV personalities, now the UN: Organized sexual exploitation of children is on a scale that is indeed horrifying. The scum always rises to the surface and the truth is being exposed bit by bit. AUGUST 12, 2018 By Matt Agorist A deeply disturbing report has finally […]

On Point Preparedness Published on Jul 13, 2018 Note: If you don’t know about the old “Thousands Points Of Light” foundation and it’s Illuminist/Satanist connections, the video will clue you in on the basics. Here’s a passage and link to more information, and there’s plenty more on the Weird Wild […]

Oh, the irony…Amazon’s new facial recognition software identified 28 members of Congress as criminals. This is pretty upsetting for statists everywhere as their precious masters are being “mislabeled.” In a recent test, the ACLU scanned every Congress member’s official photo and found that 28 of them, including Republicans and Democrats […]

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