“If the state forced a child to be vaccinated and the child had a significant medical reaction and potentially died as a result of that, that would be a huge burden that the state would have put on those parents.” – Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key by Emma […]

https://youtu.be/ihnqSyUF8pY Jerry Kroth Published on Jul 11, 2018 Based on Dr. Kroth’s new book of the same title, he explains how Trump’s dramatic disclosure of secret JF Kennedy files in 2017-18 changes our understanding of virtually everything. These documents are added to what we learned from the CIA’s own Howard […]

Could this be the beginning of the end of the Federal Reserve? …One can only hope! California Dreaming: Cannabis Cash, Public Banks—and the State’s Own Mini-Fed? 06.07.2018 – Redazione Italia (Image by A medical marijuana shop at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, Calif. (Adam Jones / CC BY-SA 2.0)) by […]

This is a MUST WATCH for Kiwis! Links for The 5th Eye Documentary: Directed by Errol Wright, Abi King-Jones AOTEAROA This densely packed doco from the directors of Operation 8 questions the price of New Zealand’s involvement in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance, and relates the improbable tale of its […]

Must Read! Author Trevor Ward has a Finance background which gives him an understanding of the mechanics of Carbon Trading, and of course it’s all about the profit! The Blood & Gore of Climate Science By Trevor Ward So how did the campaign start to brand Carbon Dioxide (CO2) “environmental […]

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