The difference between Hawai’is Puna Geothermal Venture and Fracking is a matter of terminology, and hence is a potential cause or trigger for the recent eruptions, as Jon Rappoport reports:   Rappoport on Coast to Coast AM: the Hawaii volcano Why isn’t the press connecting fracking and the Hawaii volcano […]

Faced with toxic fluorides destroying food crops, animal and human life, and with law suits piling up, atomic scientists decided they could distract the nation by promoting fluorides as a beneficial tooth treatment… by Jon Rappoport June 11, 2018 Occasionally, I reprint this article. I wrote it some years ago, […]

“The naive radicals think that under Socialism the ‘people’ will run everything. Actually, it will be a clique of Insiders in total control, consolidating and controlling all wealth. “ by Jon Rappoport May 31, 2018 In several recent articles (all here under category: socialism), I’ve exposed the myth that socialism […]

Independent Media bringing a new level of truth? Jon Rappoport tells us how the MSM simply aren’t presenting the facts: by Jon Rappoport May 16, 2018 Imagine a Congressional hearing held before media cameras, with reporters all over the US and Europe ready with shocking articles about one of the […]

“Storm clouds are gathering…Europe is moving closer to mandatory vaccination.”! by Jon Rappoport May 8, 2018 Storm clouds are gathering… First the solution—leave the European Union. Do it soon. Don’t knuckle under. Europe is moving closer to mandatory vaccination. The drive is spearheaded by a collaboration between the European Union […]

Thousands of articles have been written about the so-called Russian hack of the US election. The term “Russian hack” suggests the Russkies actually found a way to subvert the results of voting machines. by Jon Rappoport May 4, 2018 But of course, no convincing evidence has been presented to support […]

by Jon Rappoport April 2, 2018 It’s “genome-editing” of food crops. The official propaganda could go several ways. One version: “We won’t be inserting foreign genes from other species into food plants anymore, as we do now in GMO crops. Instead, we’ll be tweaking and editing the genes that are […]

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