On entering parliament this term you face a country in tatters. There is a huge job ahead — and it’s not for the faint-hearted.  New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science nzdsos.com As a member of parliament, you have a duty to represent all New Zealanders — the true sovereigns of this country. […]

I believe you have made a very serious mistake that is costing lives. Why not publish the anonymized record-level data just to be sure? Steve Kirsch STEVE KIRSCH 17/11/2023 To the New Zealand Ministry of Health: I read with great interest this “AAP fact check” article which states “NZ health […]


Petition update from Aly Cook. If you haven’t signed, NOW is the time! Hi Everyone  Just an update and a plea for one more share out there of my petition .  Firstly the 3000 signatures that disappeared .  NZ petitions never put them back; they claimed that they were people signing […]