While Weiner Wept, DOJ Potentially Charged with Obstruction of Justice by Ann-Marie Murrel June 8, 2011 I was going to entitle this article “Weinergate Distracts Attention Away from Major Breaking Story” but it’s a little long and not quite as catchy… Two days ago Facebook icon/blogger ‘Ulster Man’ released an […]

Source: https://www.boingboing.net/2011/04/17/nz-mp-votes-for-anti.html A reader writes, “In a beautiful twist of irony, New Zealand parliament member Melissa Lee has been caught in a copyright quagmire. It turns out that just hours before she spoke out in support of the controversial new copyright law being rushed through parliament, she tweeted how pleased […]

By Justin Thyme (NZ) 8 February 2011. · The gain is incalculable greed and enormous profits for the super rich – none of whom at all live in New Zealand.· Trans-Tasman Resources Ltd (TTR) is well advanced in its plans now to develop the iron-sands. https://www.ttrl.co.nz/cms.aspx?page=What_are_Iron_Sands&flag=1 · The company is working […]

Source: https://www.conspiracyarchive.com/Articles/Obama_CIA.htm recently had the pleasure of talking with Dr. James David Manning who has been ministering to the people of Harlem since 1981. He is now the Senior Pastor at ATLAH which stands for All the Land Anointed Holy, Manning’s inspired name for Harlem as of September 14, 1991.