“As [Gordon J.F.] MacDonald noted in 1968: ‘The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of the environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy.’ MacDonald discussed purposefully triggering instabilities in such large-scale natural systems as the weather, the […]

The following article from Live Science addresses something that has quietly concerned me for some time: While the Pacific “Ring of Fire” became highly active in 2010-2011 and has remained busy ever since, California, which should have been shaking along with all the rest, has remained almost dormant, as this […]

Woe unto ye O Christchurch! There is an epidemic afoot: A rampant outbreak of The Measles. A total of 28, yes, 28 souls have the Measles. A couple of days back there were 28 confirmed cases and today there are still 28 cases, despite TVNZ’s claim today that the figure […]

New book by Peter A. Kirby reveals all! With thanks to Activistpost By Peter A. Kirby Who is behind putting hundreds, perhaps thousands of large jet aircraft in the sky that routinely dump megatons of toxic waste over us and our biosphere? We know it is happening. Emissions from jet […]

Conspiracy theory no more, Ionospheric heating/modification including HAARP itself, and the potential for weather chaos and more, is exposed in the Mainstream Media, thanks to China’s bragging, even though somewhat downplayed. Here’s the NZ Herald article (thanks to Rose at theConTrail.com for the alert). China and Russia band together on […]

“What if someone saw that you were terrified and fleeing in panic, then they saw that your house was in flames. They would rightly perceive a causal relationship. But what if they saw a bloke with a flame-thrower aimed at your house, yet neglected to mention this? And the evening […]

Back-to-back earthquakes measuring 7.0 and 5.8 struck the Anchorage, Alaska area just before 8:30 a.m. local time Friday, Nov. 30, 2018. A tsunami warning was issued but later lifted. Note the related seismic activity in Canada, Oregon, and the Bering Sea regions: http://ds.iris.edu/ieb/index.html?format=text&nodata=404&starttime=1970-01-01&endtime=2025-01-01&minmag=0&maxmag=10&mindepth=0&maxdepth=900&orderby=time-desc&limit=200&maxlat=63.140&minlat=59.540&maxlon=-148.140&minlon=-151.740&sbl=1&caller=smevlnk&evid=10976411&name=SOUTHERN%20ALASKA&zm=6&mt=sat So far no reports of casualties but […]

Unless you’ve been sleepwalking through the past few weeks, you’ll have noticed some crazy weather and earth changes, of course the latest in an increasingly serious series of wildfires in California being prominent in the MSM. SOTT does an informative roundup of  worldwide wild weather, and their own take on […]

Update: Governor Jerry Brown has requested a Major Disaster Declaration from President Trump, while a state of emergency has been declared in Los Angeles, Ventura and Butte counties. From Brown’s request: “If granted, a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration would make individuals in the impacted counties eligible for a number of […]

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