Here’s a few samples of the insane weather battering the globe right now.,44.89,271/loc=-42.692,4.561 It’s FEROCIOUS Friday! Storm Callum brings travel chaos with flights, trains and ferries CANCELLED on Eugenie’s big day as 70mph gales and torrential rain pound UK -Storm will bring 6.3in (160mm) of rain to south Wales […]

384 dead at the time of posting this info. Tragic. An initial tsunami warning was lifted following the 7.5 mag, 10km depth ‘quake: Big mistake. Nothing learned from 2004? Indonesian earthquake: At least 384 killed after 7.5 magnitude quake causes tsunami …a picture that needs no words… […]

This is practically a planet-wide alert, don’t be caught napping! Don’t panic, just be prepared. Pack of clothes, torch, some basic supplies. I’ve been there so I know. Martin I’ll let Dutchsinse do the talking: Thanks Rose for the alert and link UPDATE 10/9/18 6.9 Kermedec plus several shallow […]

Please take a look at the big picture: Japan expects quakes, but especially note the activity in Russia (see link and comment below) Simultaneously, we have two typical “HAARP” quakes (10kms depth) in the Ural Mountains, Russia: a VERY unusual place to have seismic activity. Is there […]