By Ian Wishart The Ministry of Health is paying thousands of dollars to schools who agree to push teenage girls into being vaccinated with Gardasil, the new cervical cancer inoculation. A letter sent by the Ministry of Education to school principals this week states that “To recognize the role that […]

The New Zealand Herald is asking for your views on this topic here: Tell them what you think. It states: “Army heads are calling for recruits from the armed forces to man an anti-terror squad responsible for domestic security. A defence source last night said the recruitment drive was prompted […]

1 Thursday, March 5, 2009 Privately, with friends and family, I’ve been referring to New Zealand as Iceland 2. The financial situation here is not quite as absurd as Iceland’s, but the comparison is legitimate because of New Zealand’s extremely high debt load. —NEW ZEALAND FOREIGN DEBT SITUATION CRITICAL: […]

BY PENNY BRIGHT 5 October 2008 Just before 5pm Friday 3 October 2008, I lodged a formal complaint with the Serious Fraud Office about National Party leader John Key’s failure to declare his pecuniary interest in Tranz Rail shares at a time it was an ‘Item of Business’ before Parliament. […]


Is Chris Trotter good company? Not if we are to choose our friends on their looks. Foreword by Simon Taylor You might already have seen this. You might not have. Worth a read. Classic Trotter-waving – the sort the left are wary of these days. To the point of […]