Blacklistednews Published on 08-05-2008 Poppy cultivation in Garmser, southern Helmand province, Afghanistan. Source: Pakistan Post – Naveed Miraj ISLAMABAD: After the fall of Taliban government, Afghanistan has again become a hub of narcotics cultivation and smuggling. Thanks to protection, being provided by the US troops, western forces and the Afghan government […]

NZHerald 11:03AM Saturday Apr 18, 2009 Cuban president Raul Castro. Photo / AP PORT-OF-SPAIN – Trading their warmest words in a half-century, the United States and Cuba are building momentum toward renewed ties, with President Barack Obama declaring he “seeks a new beginning” – including direct talks – with the […]

March 01, 2009 a banana republic by 2012? Change for the Worse By Paul Craig Roberts President Obama has presented the most irresponsible budget in US history.  His fiscal year 2010 budget projects federal spending of $3.5 trillion and a federal deficit of $1.75 trillion. In other words, 50 percent […]

Military Are Joining The American Resistance To Protect The US Constitution.  This is Freedom of Speech at it’s best! As Protected and Guaranteed by The US Constitution. Watch video (7.28 mins) At here:

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