Is Coconut Oil Really Poison as Harvard ‘Expert’ Claims?

My family and I are keen users of Coconut oil. It’s important to distinguish between “high in saturated fat” and “poison”! It has many more uses besides consumption.

My partner suffers hand dermatitis which no pharma med could cure, but C. oil works superbly. it’s also great swilled in the mouth for healthy teeth and gums, so I’m pleased to see this article clarifying the misinformation surrounding this increasingly popular natural health product:

You may have heard the reports about Karin Michels, an adjunct professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, describing coconut oil as “pure poison.”

Sadly, this kind of misinformation and the mainstream media’s willingness to spread it far and wide is not new. Last summer, our senior researcher Ali Le Vere responded to a similar attack by USA Today on coconut oil, which you can read here.

And have you heard of the class action lawsuits filed in California against several companies for making health claims for coconut oil? Brian Shilvay’s report on this’War on Coconut Oil’ reveals the fatal problems with the FDA’s stance which is behind these potentially damaging legal actions.

So, what’s actually true?

The good news is that the published, peer-reviewed scientific literature is freely available today on the health benefits and safety of coconut oil. It is no longer, therefore, a matter of opinion as to whether its “poison” or “healthy.” The name-calling is about politics and not the evidence itself.

Indeed, GreenMedInfo was created in order to provide the world a free, easy to use health resource that is 100% user-supported (that is, advertiser agenda free) and intended to help health enthusiasts and health professionals alike get the science and information they need to make informed, healthy choices.

You can visit our Coconut Oil database (one of over 10,000 such databases on our site), to view and share the first-hand evidence yourself. Education equals empowerment, so please use our tools as they were intended.

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Martin Harris

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