Theatre Of Deception: Out Of The Blue, Into the Black

The third and final part of my exploration of what may be hidden behind the UFO disinformation theatre.

By Martin Harris

The Ball, the Bell, and the Acorn

Part One of this blog concentrated heavily on Robert Lazar and his Area 51/S4 story. Whilst I came to the conclusion that Lazar was being as honest as a guy who has been drugged, hypnotised and exposed to mind control can be, I also reached the conclusion that his experiences were an orchestrated theatrical disinformation op. that was spectacularly successful, completely redirecting ufological research focus and creating a “new mythology” based upon Area 51 and “acquired” Extraterrestrial technology.

The truth about the Element 115 Reactor: The Demon Core

One part of the Lazar narrative I skimmed over somewhat is the alleged alien technological marvel; the “Element 115” reactor that powers their gravity-bending saucers. It is this part of the story that has tended to impress technically minded researchers with it’s coherent details and plausibility.

When put through lie detector tests, some auditors felt Lazar might have been relating certain details that he had heard from elsewhere but that he understood to be factual. In the course of research, I believe I have found the factual basis of at least one element of Lazar’s story, being the fate of the team of scientists who used reckless methods while experimenting with the reactor. While the origin of this episode would have been little known in the 1980s, the 21st century information highway has now made the tale of The Demon Core available for all to see:

A football sized reactor core, reckless scientists coming to a sticky end, and a deadly blue glow. (Cherenkov Radiation). And to top it off, it all happened at Los Alamos, where Lazar worked before his fortunes changed.

Two problems: Firstly, Demon Core was put use and therefore destroyed in a nuclear test, and secondly, it used plutonium as the vital catalyst, not the Super-heavy Element 115. Could Lazar have worked with a more advanced version of the Demon Core, with 115 replacing Plutonium? Could such a Super-heavy Element imbue a reactor with gravity-warping characteristics?

First we need to ask:

Is Element 115 real? At the time Lazar made his claims, officially it was known, at least theoretically. According to speculation in the 80s, however, such an element, if synthesized, might be within the “Island Of Stability” that would allow it’s practical usefulness. Alas, time has not been kind to the Element 115 reactor story. The Island Of stability doesn’t kick in until at least Element 117. And yes, 115 has since been synthesized and is known as Moscovium! It certainly isn’t the kind of thing one wanders around with in one’s back pocket as Lazar claimed to have done, as it is highly radioactive!

The most obvious conclusion would seem to be that Lazar heard the Demon Core story and grafted it into his S4 tale. Or, being kinder to Lazar, perhaps those who set him up used the story as the basis for what they told him?

For the majority of skeptical investigators, that would be the end of the trail for this line of inquiry. But we do not fall into that category. For there is another story that has notable similarities to both the Lazar S4 story and the MJ12 scenario.

This story is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Secret research facilities, mysterious reactor engines with deadly effects upon the personnel, alleged anti gravitational properties and the whole secret being revealed by a maverick figure who was shown secret documents by an un-named government source. But this story hails from a time before Area 51 was even a few tents in the desert, and takes place in Eastern Europe. If we follow the trail, however, it eventually leads back to the USA.

This is the story of Die Glocke: The Bell.

The primary (but not sole) source of the Bell story is Igor Witkowski, a Polish journalist who was on the trail of WW2 Nazi “Wonder Weapons”, when he was approached by a government official (un-named due to confidentiality) who allowed him to see and transcribe documents detailing the interrogation of an SS Officer named Sporrenberg.Image result for kecksburg ufo

Already this approach and the offer of sensational documents should be a familiar pattern to researchers of American ufological disinformation games. How much of the story can we believe in? Witkowski himself certainly comes across as honest and reserved, as one can see in this Project Camelot interview.

Like the Demon Core, the Bell glowed blue when in operation, and supposedly had lethal effects on living tissue and resulted in the death of many of the scientists and staff involved, although it’s worst effects were allegedly minimised by fine tuning. And like both the Demon Core and the 115 Reactor, experimentation took place at a location at the heart of their respective country’s most cutting edge science and weapons research. If Nazi Germany had an equivalent of Area 51, then the Wenceslas Mine and the Reiss tunnel complex was it.

Then come the more sensational details. Die Glocke was involved in two experiments: Laternentrager (Lantern Holder) and Cronos. In these experiments, The Bell supposedly defied gravity (like the 115 Reactor) and warped time and space in it’s zone of influence. It is these elements about which Witkowski is rightly cautious.

What happened to The Bell at the end of the war?

Assuming that such an apparatus existed, it would have fallen under the jurisdiction of The Third Reich’s most enigmatic character: Dr. Hans Kammler. If there was ever a real life equivalent of  the Captain America villain Red Skull, then Kammler would be it. Many of the futuristic vehicles depicted in the Marvel supervillian’s arsenal were based on real projects, such as the Horten flying wing aircraft and Fokke-Wulf rocket-copter, that Kammler had oversight of during the closing months of WW2. According to Speer and Von Braun, Kammler certainly seemed to be confident of having a powerful bargaining chip to offer the Allied forces in the closing days of the conflict. It can’t have been anything as mundane as the v2/A4 rocket, as Von Braun had that covered. Was it The Bell? Or was there something else?  As for Kammler’s ultimate fate, there are so many conflicting reports about his demise (or survival) that it seems Kammler was “erased” from the record: Too dangerous and controversial an asset to be even taken as a Paperclip acquisition, yet too useful to dispense with.

For more detailed information on The Bell, sensibly and plausibly providing evidence for it’s existence and possible purpose, Read Here. Image result for Hans Kammler

Whenever discussing Die Glocke, we cannot ignore the connections between it and a classic UFO Crash-Retrieval case: The Kecksburg Acorn.Image result for kecksburg ufo

The Kecksburg object had the general size and shape consistent with The Bell. Related imageIt emitted a blue glow, just like the Bell and the demon Core. Cherenkov radiation? Ionisation? Plasma? When the military moved in, guys in full radiation suits carried “something” away in a box. The reactor engine core? The object itself was taken out on the back of a flatbed truck under a tarp. While there are compelling alternative explanations for the Acorn, the Bell/Acorn parallels are hard to ignore. Were the US experimenting with a development of the Bell?Image result for kecksburg ufo

Whatever was taken out of the woods in Kecksburg, it must have been dangerous. Remember the effects Die Glocke had on living tissue? One of the stated effects was the separating of blood into serum and congealed fractions. Bear this in mind when reviewing Part Two of this blog in relation to cattle mutilation and the apparently “bloodless” state of the cadavers, with no indication of how the blood was removed. Were these cattle being exposed to a development of the Bell’s technology? Were the lymphatic node organs removed to catalogue and study the extent of damage to tissue and glands?

Related image

Related imageAll these devices emit a blue glow. The image above shows Cherenkov Radiation at the Oak Ridge Reactor. We know how dangerous blue LED light is to human eyesight as well as being a sleep disruptor. There is something inherently unhealthy about blue-spectrum radiation, it seems!

What powered The Bell, and is there any scientific plausibility to it’s modus operandi? The names of the experiments are intriguing: “Lantern Holder”...Light Bearer?..Prometheus/Lucifer? And “Cronos”...time? Saturn?

While The Bell may have been an experimental reactor/”breeder” as suggested here, the project names do suggest something more esoteric.

Image result for schauberger "they took everything from me"The descriptions of how the Bell allegedly worked; using “vortex compression”, reminds me of the work of Austrian genius Viktor Schauberger. This man was working under Nazi control and most likely under the shrewd eye of Kammler at the same time The Bell was being developed. Schauberger, a forester and ecologist, developed some amazing inventions based on observation of nature, but it is usually his wartime work with an acorn shaped device called a “Repulsine” that attracts the most attention.

The story of Viktor Schauberger and his Repulsine device sounds like the wildest science fiction, yet it is true beyond any doubt. It is important to note that, contrary to how it is often portrayed, the Repulsine is not a “flying saucer”; it has no means of control in flight despite creating powerful lift/thrust during operation. Schauberger  intended it to be an engine, both as a fixed and stationary powerplant and as a superior (and fuel-less) alternative to the jet engine. It is known that Heinkel tried to block Schauberger’s patents and steal the technology for himself:

Early Heinkel “T” (Taifun/Typhoon) flying cigar design study for possible use with Schauberger Repulsin vortex motor.
Note lack of detail of engine except for ‘turbine” description.
No prop engine nor centrifugal/axial-flow turbojet either… just a gaping inlet, ring turbine and fuselage-wide open shaft to exhaust port

What became of this incredible technology? Thanks to Viktor’s family archives and personal diaries, we know that there were at least two Repulsine prototypes under development. One at Messershmitt self-destructed due to lack of quality materials (this was the closing weeks of WW2), the fate of the other makes for exciting reading. One day, with the Repulsine complete and ready to test, and Schauberger absent, Kammler and a retinue of SS men strode into the hangar and without authorization and despite protests from the engineers, switched on the machine. Despite being bolted to a heavy concrete slab, the silently spinning rotor vanes demonstrated the awesome power of Vortex-compression Implosion technology. Emitting a blue glow, the device sheared the six heavy grade bolts and the repulsine rapidly shot upwards, the acorn shaped inlet cone smashed to junk against the hangar roof. Viktor never got the opportunity to rebuild the damaged machine before the war’s end, but Kammler was up to something. He knew this technology was a powerful bargaining chip with the Allieds, and it is clear that the US forces knew exactly who Schauberger was and where to find him. After his apartment was ransacked by both US and Russian forces, and Schauberger himself subjected to some intense questioning, he was released to continue his work in his home in Austria. Image result for 1956 conquest of gravitySoon afterwards, the flying saucer sightings began, and Viktor suspected that someone was trying replicate his technology. Combine this with a number of claims from within the aerospace industry that the conquest of gravity was imminent! Great detail on Schauberger’s wartime work under the Nazis can be found here.

So how do we know that any of this is true? The ultimate evidence in the form of the actual Repulsine device, with missing intake cone, sheared bolts and damaged outer shell, still exists, partially repaired but never finished, it was acquired by the Americans at the close of the war, (verified by Viktor himself in a letter to the German Ministry of Defense, 28 Feb,1956, in which he also states that Russians took the damaged nosecone that the Americans missed), eventually finding it’s way back to the Schauberger family residence long after Viktor’s passing, thanks to a former US Navy Commander.

In the early 1950s, Schauberger claimed to have been approached by a US aircraft consortium, and also “The Canadians” with an offer of $3.5 million dollars, a huge sum back then, for the rights to his patents and technology, but he turned them down as he did not want his work used for military purposes. (communication from Schauberger to Aloys Kokaly, publisher of Implosion Magazine)

Canadians? This can only have been AVRO Special Projects.

Now it starts to come together. This was when John Frost was developing his saucer aircraft concepts and mentioned interviewing “German engineers” who worked on a saucer project during the closing months of the war. It was at this point that Frost had developed a radical “Radial Turbine” engine to power his saucer prototypes. Related imageAnd yet, subsequently, this radical powerplant quietly disappeared from view, right around the time the US took over the former British Aerospace partnership with AVRO. From there on in, we only see Frost’s Manta, Avrocar, and Silverbug prototypes being outfitted with standard jet turbine units.

Was Frost’s Radial Turbine, in conjunction with Schauberger’s still more radical “implosion” turbine, secreted away, into The Black?

Perhaps, in 1964, a Bell/ Repulsine powerplant broke loose either from a tether or from an actual test vehicle and crashed in the woods in Kecksburg?

Schauberger’s technology did in fact end up in the hands of a US consortium on the basis that his patents would be used peacefully to benefit humanity and end pollution and energy misuse. Of course it simply vanished, as such “clean energy” technologies tend to do. Viktor died a broken man, believing he had been conned into signing away his life’s work.

“I no longer own my own mind. I don’t even own my thoughts. After all I’ve done, finally there is nothing left. I am a man with no future.”
― Viktor Schauberger

And while the Repulsine and other “implosion” devices were clean, harmless, even beneficial technologies, both Viktor and his son Walter were deeply concerned about the potential for perverting Implosion into a dangerous weapon.

Image result for viktor schauberger quotes

Image result for Alien liaison timothy goodBritish UFO researcher Timothy Good, in his book Alien Liaison,  relates stories that appear to be disinfo versions of the truth: That a “real” alien craft was recovered, but after being unable to figure out how the drive system worked, they replaced it with regular jet engines, with poor results. Another tale relates how the disappointing Avrocar prototype was used as a cover for the “real alien craft”. Both these stories, doing the rounds about the same time frame that Robert Lazar stepped into the Media spotlight, bolster the impression that the UFO community was getting uncomfortably close to exposing a secret, radical propulsion technology, immensely powerful, but apparently dangerous to living organisms.Image result for cash landrum ufo This would explain why, even after all these years, Saucer technology remains Black: they still haven’t found a way to eliminate the harmful effects and maybe never will. So if you get sick after a close encounter with a UFO, “don’t blame us, the aliens did it!”.Image result for cash landrum ufo

DoublevortexSo imagine a device that works like two repulsines, inverted one over the other, contra-rotating, with the Mercury-Thorium fluid (or perhaps plasma? see below!) in place of air or water. Is that what Die  Glocke really is? This setup might well generate a space-warping, time-bending Torsion Field. Much like a tiny version of the “Saturn Stargate” concept the author explored here. Related image

Like a Tippler Cylinder, there would be a dangerous zone around the device. get past that hazard-zone, and one has access to a zone where space and time stand still and past and present “warp” around you. Not large enough in this instance for a human traveler to pass through (such a device is staggeringly huge), but enough to function both as a time viewer (the Cronos experiment allegedly involved a mirror) or as a gravity defying engine, the ultimate powerplant with characteristics remarkably similar to Lazar’s “football” reactor, but without the bogus “Element 115” component.Related image

Another intriguing possibility is the use of Plasma instead of air or liquid as the propulsion medium. An interesting discussion on these lines as well as some detail on the AVRO saucers can be found here at ATS 

So there you have it: A theatre of deception, covering a secret and incredibly powerful propulsion system, dangerous to living matter within it’s sphere of operation despite all efforts to make it safe.

And it could be flying over your neighborhood tonight…

Related image

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