The British counterpart of Yale’s Skull and Bones? Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club has spawned a rogue’s gallery of Elite movers and shakers over the years, and has a dark reputation. Now an embarrassment to many of the luminaries posing in self-important swagger, we thought this was an apt moment to […]

“Thou shalt not kill”? Apparently at least one of the Ten Commandments doesn’t apply, according to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. God may be “present in this space” (as an omnipotent being would), but would The Creator approve? MH Micaiah Bilger – Life Site News June 11, 2019 Calling […]

If you haven’t seen it, now is the time! The most important and compelling documentary on early New Zealand history and the coverup agenda is now available to view at YT thanks to presenter Gabi Plum and Plummtree Productions. Long-time Uncensored readers may recognize the late Noel Hilliam, who has […]

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