Beneath the front-page news of Covid, Ukraine, and the economic depression (Collectively part of The Great Reset) something more sensational and troubling has been brewing. And it involves an alleged potential extra-terrestrial threat. We know it as Project Blue Beam, the “Last Card”. by Martin Harris 29/8/22 The ball started […]

(Natural News) Once again, the independent media called this out well in advance, warning that President Trump was walking right into a trap by promoting Covid vaccines and taking credit for rolling them out so quickly via Operation Warp Speed. Thursday, August 25, 2022 by: Mike AdamsThis article may contain statements that […]

The very fact that TVNZ has gone to such lengths to hunt down and censor our publications shows how TERRIFIED they are of people who can think for themselves and question The Narrative. NOTE: This item was originally posted 4/1/22 and has been reposted due to popular demand. Martin Very […]

For months on end, Government institutions have claimed they do not hold any data on deaths by vaccination status. But they have been lying to you. The ExposeFri, 19 Aug 2022  On the 6th July, a UK Government institution known as the Office for National Statistics, published a dataset on […]

A top Ukrainian security official has said that Kiev had been gearing up for hostilities with Russia since as early as December 2019. The Russian military had earlier reported uncovering classified Ukrainian documents indicating a planned offensive against Donbass rebels. RTThu, 25 Aug 2022 The revelation about Kiev’s military preparation […]