While it’s quite true that its global news service is really and absolutely nothing but Giant Pro-War Dross Bollocks it’s also true that the BBC can – like its documentaries – occasionally pinch out dramas that are of an unparalleled worldwide standard. These are some such dramas. “House of Cards”, […]

Kris Millegan – son of a CIA officer active in Asia during the Vietnam War and publisher of TrineDay Books – traces the hidden history of illegal drug business. Guess where the money came from to finance the building of the railroads in the US in the 19th century – […]


Surface to air missiles will be mounted on the roofs of flats, helicopter gunships with snipers will hover over head, and there will be more British troops in the streets of London than in Afghanistan. Is Britain under attack? No, it is just the Olympic Games. [youtube]4TLkXFDDV7I[/youtube]


It’s not the Mother of all budgets, it’s the abusive, alcoholic, gambling step-father of all budgets. Like 6.7% of the NZ labour market, Austerity doesn’t work, yet here we are shelling out more failed free market dogma to counter a global recession caused by the same failed free market dogma. […]